D. Moore Consulting

D. Moore Consulting
stands on its commitment
to create a seamless
working relationship
between our client, the
public agency, the
subcontractor and
ourselves; by providing
outstanding labor and
contract compliance
monitoring, in addition to
excellent administrative
suuport to small

Without You, There
is No Us!!!

We Love What We

About Us
Debra Moore is the founder and CEO of D. Moore Consulting.  Ms. Moore has
over 12 years' experience in labor and contract compliance monitoring
and also administering Project Labor Agreements.  Based on all her years
of experience, Ms. Moore has proven that she can take on any challenge.  
She is an effective communicator and able to perform on short notice.  She
is able to create comprehensive databases that meet the specific need of
each client to performing outreach campaigns from venue selection,
set-up, facilitation to end.  Ms. Moore also participates in pre-bid and
pre-construction meetings by educating contractors about the compliance
requirements of a particular agency.

In order to keep informed of the latest labor laws, Ms. Moore has attended
several Prevailing Wage/Labor Compliance seminars and is working
toward completing her certified compliance training.  She also completed
the six-week Turner Construction Company Construction Management
course in 2007.
James Haynes is Senior Vice-President of D. Moore Consulting.  Mr. Haynes
has over 30 years' success in building, planning and directing   consulting
and audit activities that provide innovative IT and business solutions to
multiple industries.  Industries include manufacturing, retail, banking,
insurance and CPA firms.  Mr. Haynes joined D. Moore Consulting in 2007.  
Mr. Haynes'  detailed auditing experience is advantageous in the
investigation of wage violations.  Other responsibilities include working
directly with the various unions in providing conflict resolution and also
providing business development for D. Moore Consulting.

Mr. Haynes has a BA degree in Business Management from St. Mary's College
and has also attended Golden Gate University with a concentration in
Information Science, Accounting and Real Estate.  He has also attended
several Prevailing Wage/Labor Compliance seminars and completed the
six-week Turner Construction Company's Construction Management course
in 2007.
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